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Our Process

Gulf Gate Hair fixing offers innovative method to overcome baldness through a completely natural method using Canadian technology. With the help of this technology, faux hair is weaved meticulously onto the artificially created polymer skin base. Such patches made of simulated hair that looks absolutely natural, fits you snugly, and matches your countenance perfectly.

Guaranteeing the nature and color of the hair attached remains identical to the customer’s natural hair. Since baldness and hair fall are common conditions these days, the practical solution of hair fixing is in demand around the world more than ever before. Gulf Gate’s hair fixing method is free from side effects. After a hair fixing session, customers can even swim, travel by open vehicle and undertake any type of activity. There is no surgery required and the patient is free from allergies. Today, its customer base includes doctors, celebrities and people from different segments of society.


  • 100% free from any side effects.
  • No surgery or medication is required.
  • Unparalleled quality.
  • World class Technical Perfection.
  • Best after-service that no one else can offer.
  • Many branches within and outside India.
  • Equivalent service across all branches.
  • All branches maintain absolute hygiene.
  • Customer friendly atmosphere.
  • Service also for ladies.
  • Sunday also open.
  • Friday also open in GCC countries.

We are Gulfgate

Dear Friends,

“Millions of our contented customers across the world vouch that their lives have been significantly transformed by Gulf Gate. Their contentment is our confidence and pride”.

Sakeer Hussain

Chairman & Managing Director

Our Branches

You can find our well equipped branches and highly qualified technicians all over the gcc and India

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When you think about hairfixing "GO FOR THE BEST IN THE WORLD"

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