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Q: Does this hair fixing process involve any surgical process or some medication?

Ans: Absolutely no. This is a non-invasive procedure. No surgery or medication is required.


Q: How much time will this hair bonding process require?

Ans: Once we identify the measurement, texture and the type of the hair, it will take a maximum of two hours.


Q: Is this hair fixing done in a hygienic environment?

Ans: The process is carried out in a lab with the help of a professionally trained technician. All our branches have the most advanced facilities and maintain absolute hygiene.


Q: Do we have to visit the branches often for some further sittings?

Ans: This is a one sitting process. No further sittings are required. But if you need further assistance, call our help line numbers in India and the Gulf countries to locate our nearest office call and fix an appointment.


Q: Can this be used for riding on open vehicles and is this advisable for swimming?

Ans: Yes, you can ride bare-headed on a bike, and you can also swim with it.


Q: Will this look absolutely natural?

Ans: The secret of our success lies in making you look absolutely natural. Check for yourself with any one of our clients.


Q: Can we use shampoo, conditioner, gels and creams on the patch?

Ans: You can use all these except oils. Oil is not good even for your natural hair. Normal shampooing and conditioning can be done. Instead of oils you can use gels recommended by the company.


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